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                                                    FOSSC JUNIOR WEEK Terms and Conditions

                                                               (may be amended at any time)

Event Details

The Junior Week is scheduled to start at 10am and finish by 5pm Monday to Friday.


All those attending must be a member of Frampton On Severn Sailing Club. Age between 8 years and 18 years inclusive.

It is NOT a beginners training week and all sailors must be competent to complete a triangular course in most conditions and should be familiar with the boat they are sailing.

All sailors must hold a minimum RYA Level 2 standard or equivalent. Evidence of competence (log books, certificates, racing results) may be required.

The organisers have the right to refuse an application if in their opinion the sailor is not competent to sail the boat they have entered irrespective of any sailing awards held.

Club Boats

The club boats (Optimists, Toppers and Gulls) are available for use; prior booking is necessary.

Optimists – The participant must hold and be able to sail to IOCA stage 2  and the advice of the Optimist sail training instructor and the Junior Week organiser should be sought if in doubt.

Toppers – The participant must hold and be able to sail to RYA Junior Level 3.

Gulls – The participant must hold and be able to sail to RYA Junior Level 2.

Final decision will rest with the organisers.

Where a club boat is used it is the sailors/parents responsibility to ensure any damage or defect  is reported to the organisers as soon as any such damage or defect is discovered.

During the week the organisers may decide to use the club Fevas.


All boats should be rigged and prepared for the published start time.

All sailors are expected to be properly equipped for the conditions with adequate wetsuits or dry-suits, personal buoyancy and suitable footwear.

Where participants provide their own boats they are to ensure the boat is adequately maintained and sea worthy. Any boat deemed unsuitable will not be allowed onto the water. Please check before the week!!

Anyone without a change of clothes will not be permitted to go afloat.

The organisers/coaches reserve the right to withdraw any sailors deemed insufficiently prepared for the conditions.


All sailors are expected to bring a packed lunch each day. Hot and cold drinks will be provided free of charge.


It is the responsibility of the parent of the sailor to advise the organisers/coaches of any medical condition that could affect the sailor's performance or ability to participate. Completion of Frampton on Severn Junior Week Confidential Activity Consent Form, which will be forwarded to you by email on submission of the online registration form, is a requirement.


All parents/carers are required to carry out a minimum of 2 duties during the week (where possible) and ensure their child has the right equipment, their boat prepared for sailing each morning and put away each evening.

There will be a register of participants which parents/carers will be required to sign on arrival and on departure. If you have arranged for someone else to drop off or collect your child please ensure that they are aware of the requirement to sign the register on your behalf.

Please ensure that you will be there on time to pick up your child.

If your child's behaviour is not acceptable please be aware your child will not be allowed to participate in the rest of the week.


For those wishing to camp during the week please be advised that there will be NO supervision available after 5pm. Anyone under 16 years of age who is camping must be supervised on site by a parent/carer.

Communication before the week will be via email

Disclaimer of Liability

The organisers and/or Committee shall not be held responsible for any accident, loss or injury to members, or for damage to their property either ashore or afloat, nor will they be held responsible for any member failing to observe the safety rules. A member or visitor using the Club facilities or water or taking part in any race or event organised by the Club shall indemnify the Club and the organisers and/or Committee thereof against all claims in respect of injury, loss or damage to themselves or any other person or to any property of the Club and shall make good any such loss, injury or damage for which he or she may be liable in respect of which the decision of the organisers and/or Committee shall be final.

Parent/Carer Declaration: (for U18 sailors)

As Parent/Carer, I give permission for the participant named to take part in the event listed. I accept the Disclaimer of Liability above, which removes my dependant's right to claim compensation, as stated above. I also confirm that my dependant is competent to take part in these activities and that the boat to be used will have valid third party insurance of at least £1,000,000. I accept that the good behaviour of my dependant is a fundamental condition of participating and that the organisers have the right to exclude any sailor not complying with this requirement.

Blue/Green Algae Declaration - I declare that I am aware that Blue/Green Algae may affect the Club sailing water. In the event of any loss, damage, personal injury or death arising from contact with the water I understand that the Club will not be liable for costs and damages. I have on behalf of my family, voluntarily accepted the risks associated with water containing Blue/Green Algae.

By applying for FOSSC  Junior Week  you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.