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Profile Instructions

The website currently holds the membership details (family details, berthing records) of about three quarters of the club members (those with website login accounts). We would like this to be 100% so that we can use the online database as the central club membership database.

The members who are not currently included on the website are those who requested on their forms not to have their details used on the website, and those which we do not have a unique email address for.

We would encourage all members who do not currently have a login account for the website to request a username and password from the webmaster.

By keeping everyone's records in a single central database, it will cut down on costs for the club, significantly improve efficiency, and improve data security. The online database is much more secure than having members' personal details sent to each member in the annual members' packs and stored in several hundred members' houses around the county.

The key efficiency feature of the online membership database is that members easily can keep their own records up to date. After logging in, simply click on Profile in the menu. This will show you the details which are only visible to you and other logged in members. The general public cannot see any of this data.

From this page, you can click on Edit > Update your profile, which will enable you to change any of these details and also the other membership details which are not visible to other members at all. This includes the names and ages of your family members in family memberships.

When editting information in your profile, you can hover the mouse over the icons at the right hand side of each field to see which ones are visible to other logged in members, and which are not visible.