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Commodore’s comment – September 2018

Our children have gone back to school and we have has the annual Frampton show followed by the Sheep racing, the days are definitely getting cooler and the evenings drawing in, but there is still plenty going on at FOSSC.
You will have noticed that we now have two additional bench-tables in front of the club house and that area has been tidied up and the fence painted. In the garage there is a gas barbecue which we intend to install for members use next Spring.
FOSSC had a stand at the annual Frampton show on Sunday 9th and a lot of interest was shown in what we have to offer. A big thank you goes to Ian Cook for the loan of his camper van (which is the source of countless cups of tea and coffee) and to the “crew” who manned the stand during the day.
At the end of the day, we had a slight logistical issue in getting everything back to the club, so if you hear reports of, or saw a wanderer sailboat heading off across the fields in search of a lake with a group of men and teenagers in hot pursuit, it was true!
Frampton show was followed up the following Saturday 15th with the club’s annual Taster Day. We were concerned that we would be light on volunteers this year but a last minute email plea from Henry Beck for helpers bought the required numbers along. It was an excellent day for sailing, the rain held off and the local Scouts provided an excellent service for hot food, cakes and drinks throughout the day. We had the Wanderers, Gulls and a couple of Access 303’s out on the lake and these were joined in the afternoon by some younger members of the club who went out in their own boats. Some of the visitors were concerned when the youngsters started capsizing and took some convincing when we explained that they liked doing it and it’s all part of the fun of sailing.
I would like to thank everyone who made the day a big success. In the five years that I have been involved with FOSSC, this has been the biggest visitor turnout that I have seen, there being over 200 recorded person trips out in sailing boats during the day.
The following day it was the annual Bart’s Bash event and this year we managed to get fifteen boats out onto the water. The wind was fresh and some good sail speeds were achieved. The seasoned club racers were joined by four junior members, all of whom received a participation certificate.
At the beginning of this year, we obtained planning permission to create a ramp near the main jetty which will help to get the safety boats and heavier sailing boats out of the water. As part of the approval, it was stated that we are not allowed to lay fresh concrete into the water and as the level was rising at the time, we postponed the project until the water level dropped again.
The water level is now back down to within 10 centimetres (about 4 inches in “old money”) of its lowest level in 2017, so we have decided to get on with constructing it before the winter rains set in. The digging out will occur in the next two weeks then we will be laying the area out ready for concrete. When we get to laying the concrete, I will be asking the membership if anyone is able to come and help as it is certainly one of those tasks where “many hands make light work”. Whilst work is in progress, please be careful when launching and retrieving boats from the water.
The hut has spent the summer alongside the main jetty, which was a plus for the short period that we had the weed problem as we were able to move the committee and wheelie boats out into the middle of the lake. We are now intending to return the hut to its proper location during end September/early October.
The galley has also receiving some attention at present as the old cooker has gone and at the time of writing this, the new one has been squeezed in through the galley door and is awaiting installation and commissioning, which hopefully will have occurred by the time you read this month’s newsletter.
During the last few months, planning work for a refurbished Gents changing facility have been steadily progressing. With a few minor tweaks, there is now a plan which accommodates all practical comments received both from the general membership and the committee. John Jordan and myself are now in the process of costing the project and once this has been done, the information will be published along with an invitation to an “extraordinary membership meeting” which is required under the club’s rules to approve the project.
The objective is to commence the project in November and complete it by the end of March 2019. As we are time constrained for this project, then there will be an allowance for contractors made within the proposal so that the project can be kept on-track. During this period, Ladies facilities will be moved to the Disabled and the Gents into the Ladies.
In November the club will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and part of this meeting includes agreeing the committee members for 2019. Rhonwen Bryce will be giving up the bar and organising the Fitting Out and Laying Up suppers to take on the sailing programme. Rhonwen has done an excellent job and is more than happy to explain what this role requires. I would appreciate if you could give consideration to stepping forward to take over this task (minimum commitment is only a year)
Nearer the time of the AGM, we will announce any other roles that need to be filled in order to keep the club running smoothly.
Happy sailing !

David Coates.

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