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FOSSC - Dinghy Auction



As I have been saying for about two years now! I will be having a sale of dinghies in the

graveyard. Below is a basic summary of craft that we currently have for sale in the

graveyard. I am planning to run the sale in the following way.

Viewing the boats

Please feel free to visit the graveyard of the sailing club; this is the area at the very far end

of berthing row D after the second Jetty.

You will have until the 31st July to view boats in thisarea. Please only remove covers on boats that are clearly identified with a PINK sticker and a catalogue number. There are some berths very close to the graveyard area and I would appreciate it if these dinghies are left well alone.

It should be mentioned that the area in which the dinghies are currently resting currently has very long grass. I intend to try and tidy over the next week or so but it would be advisable to wear decent shoes or boots and long trouser as the many stings I have received from nettles over there can testify to

The Bidding Process.

Before deciding to bid please consider the points below,

1. The club take no responsibility for the condition of boats sold, they are sold as

seen and should be bid on and treated in this way.

2. Berths are very limited at FOSSC currently. Please remember that you should be in a position to remove boats from site after purchase as we cannot promise that we will be able to provide a berth for it in the short term. You will then be required to apply for a berth as normal using the berthing application form available from our website or at the club house. You will then be added to a queue and allocated a berth as they become available.

3. Bids will be received from the time you read this article until Midnight on the 31stJuly. Bids can be sent either in writing, via email or telephone to me. My contact details are in the front of the club handbook or use the link below.. Please remember to let me know which catalogue number(s) you are bidding on when contacting me.

4. I will post the entire catalogue on the website homepage. If any bids are received they will be posted with the current highest bidder's initials and surname. The club reserve the right to withdraw lots from this auction without warning should the need arise. Other dinghies may be added to this list after the start of the auction I will endeavour to make members aware of these via the website or email

To view the catalogue and see current bids click here.

To place a bid (remembering to let me know which catalogue number you wish to bid on). Click Here and send me a message.